ecig The United States Government sucks! I wake up this morning, turn on the news, and the very first thing I hear is how e cigarettes are not necessarily safe. They go through this long drawn out list of why…basically saying that the bright colors of the different flavors intice young people to smoke & say that they are nothing but a “gateway” to real cigarettes. If that is the case, then we should ban all b.b. guns, western movies, war movies, toy bow & arrows, plastic army men, toy guns, kitchen knives, butter knives (for that matter)…hell we should make a law that bans any of the fore-mentioned words from the English language. After listening to all their bullshit on this news report, they ended it with “The e-cigarette industry profited 2 billion dollars last year”….Once again, the good ole U.S. of A. wants to get their greedy hands on the money somehow or another. It is that group of individuals who already is putting money in their own hip pockets from the tobbacco industry. Truth be known, it is the tobbacco industry who is behind it all. And they have the power and the money to lobby congress to put a stop to or to at least curb the use and sale of e cigs to benefit themselves & those in our government who are behind it all. OUR GOVERNMENT DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH. ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS CONTROLLING US AND ALL THE MONEY THAT EXISTS. THEY ARE LIARS. THEY SUCK! gjm


What I Am Hoping To Accomplish W/ My Music

 I could care less WHAT RELIGION you are. None of you are right, & none of you are wrong…until you say that YOUR RELIGION IS THE ONLY WAY.  I only hope that my new album helps raise awareness that the only answer is to love everyone around you, share what you have with them & work together towards world peace. PROMOTING YOUR RELIGION IS TO FIGHT AGAINST EQUALITY FOR ALL….How arrogant of anyone to think that they have the answer. This 2nd CD is motivated by the basic principals of RIGHT & WRONG. We all know the difference. I know the truth is hard to stomach at times. It is time we refrain from turning our heads and looking the other way.           PEACE!  GJM Image

Why Modern Day Gigs Suck

From 1974 until the mid 1990’s I made a damned good living playing music. I was playing in cover bands and my salary averaged anywhere from $400 to $575 weekly. I played 5 or 6 nights a week, 10 months out of the year and had to beg for time off. At one point I played 6 nights a week for 10 months straight w/o a break. I was in mostly better than average bands, but even the times I was with some less desirable ones, I still made the same amount of money. PLUS, if the venue had food, we either got it free or half price and we ALWAYS got unlimited drinks for free any place we played. (not to mention the customers tipping us w/ every drug known to man). What happened to those days?..I can tell you. A bunch of unsuccessful individuals who were playing music for many years figured a way to make money off of the bands and artists since they could not make a living as musicians. In today’s world, the clubs pay agents (who used to be shitty musicians) to put together shows for their venues. We were always the only band playing on any given night except for the occasional big name artists that would come in bi-monthly or monthly for a one night show. On those nights, we still got paid the same for an hours worth of music, opening up for the featured act. The majority of rooms available to play in today’s music world now have anywhere from 4 to 7 or 8 acts in one night. A 30 minute set to play, w/ 10 or 15 minutes in between each act, to get the band off the stage and another one on the stage. It is a nightmare. These agents want everyone to think that they are all about getting new and upcoming artists as much exposure as possible. They are big fat liars!!…The venue pays the agent who most of the time gets bands that end up playing for free. They want you to sell tickets prior to the shows that range from 8 to 15 bucks a piece and you get a percentage of those ticket sales. First off, I do not know who these agents friends are, but the people i know, have no idea if they are going to be able to make a show that is scheduled 2 to 4 weeks down the road, nor are they very anxious to fork over 12 or 14 dollars to hear you play for 30 minutes and then possibly hear a bunch of music that they do not like being they never heard of the bands that are scheduled for that night. If you are lucky, the entire band might walk out with enough money to hit Jack-in-the-Box & order from their 99 cent menu but will have to borrow money for gas to get home from the gig that night. The agents now are getting the money from the clubs that the musicians used to get. It is a win/win situation for them, leaving the artist out in the cold or barely surviving at the very most. The whole thing is a nightmare as far as I am concerned and it really brings me the fuck down. The clubs like it because they are getting a bunch of bands, one or two of which will surely be good out of any given night, plus they not only make money off the customers, but they have a built in guarantee of 20 to 30 or so musicians that pay full price for food and drink as if they too were just a customer. Thing is, I quit drinking years ago due to being sick of waking up feeling like death warmed over for 30 years..and came to the realization that alcohol was not the best choice of poisons to enhance ones artistic abilities..especially after listening to live recordings of myself during the periods of heavy drinking…as long as the entire room of people were as drunk as i was, then they never knew the difference…NOW I have found myself drinking as much hard liquor as possible to become oblivious to the setup of having to play w/ multiple bands, rushing off and on the stage and losing their equipment because it accidentally got picked up by another band’s friends who were helping them set up/tear down in such a ridiculous amount of time that was allotted. I do not like the effects of alcohol any more..it had been 15 or so years since I quit drinking, I cannot afford to pay full price for drinks, but goddman, the way things are now, I will spend my kids college fund, steal money out of the offering plate at church and hock everything I have just to be able to drink as much as possible so i can deal with such a fucked up method of booking and playing gigs. I already know i am going to probably sound like shit due to being so stressed over fincances, worrying about keeping up w/ my equipment, wondering if I will make enough money to buy a 99 cent cheeseburger, and so I figure the more oblivious state of mind I can possibly put myself in, the better. Actually at this point the alcohol WILL make me play better than I would if I was totally aware of my surroundings….I do not intend on ever booking another gig where I do not have a guaranteed amount of money that is satisfactory to my needs. I find that there is NO advantages to these gigs. It doesn’t get you new fans, you sell little to none of your merch and in my case, I come back home and load my shotgun and get in bed with it in hopes of getting the nerve up to go ahead and take my dogs out, followed by taking myself out….I will wait till I have my first hit song that makes me wealthy, then and only then, will I tour again.I will continue recording and promoting my music til it gets me where I plan on going or puts me 6 foot under.                     Image

I Have Lost My Spark

                                    Image                            Once one has lost the spark that once drove him, where is he to turn to try and regain momentum in order to go on w/  what he has spent an entire life trying to accomplish? The image above best represents what I have been seeing in my mind, dancing & bouncing around in my head along w/ every single thought that has entered my brain from as far back as I can remember as a child.  As I now am on the brink of seeing my dream become reality, the spark has disappeared. Why is this? I have been asking myself over, & over, & over again, daily, “what the hell happened”?  I sat down to write this post for my blog, in a deep state of depression, and I think maybe i am in hopes of it serving as a self-help kind of therapy that might put me back on the path to completing what i started. I spent almost 4 years, prior to signing my record contract, writing 250+ songs. I remember wondering if I had wasted all that time, not knowing whether my songs were worthy of anything or not. I took a trip to Enid Oklahoma, entered a competition where I turned out to be the only solo act on the bill, got a standing ovation, was the only artist there that was called back on stage for an encore, had multiple offers from various bands to open shows for them, and ended up I was the only act involved that the artist development company who produced the show, took on as a client. So I guess that should have told me that yes, my songs are worthy of the time spent on them…but,  being the narcissist that I am, with 100’s of conspiracy theories running rampant through my head,  the first words out of my mouth, as all these people rushed the stage at the end of my performance, was “who paid all you people to pretend that you like me so much?”..as I was thinking  “Why”? Even to this day, I am not 100% sure that someone did not put them up to it. Nevertheless, both my longtime friend’s, Mark & Frank, who had accompanied me to Enid, both stood w/ tears of joy for me in their eyes, convincing me, at least temporarily, otherwise..Although doubt still remains in my head to this day. Close to a year, later I recieve the call from the A&R rep at  the label that we signed with, offering me the record deal. You would think this would be enough to convince me that everything was going to be O.K….Not!!!…My life has been much worse since the signing of that contract than one could ever imagine. I have been miserable & totally stressed like no other time in my life..Mentally, it has taken more of a toll on me than the nightmare I went through in 1995 as I layed in the hospital, just waking up from a coma that I was in for 4 1/2 weeks and finding that my weight had dropped from 178 lbs to 92 lbs, having to learn to walk again, with the aid of braces and a walker, w/ 6 specialists giving me a 0% chance of survival…..yes, this has been much worse than that. I have been bombarded by “the music industry”..I already was very leery of poeple in the world today..being that things had changed so very much, to the point of destroying the attitudes of the “WE GENERATION”, that the peace movement in the 60’s had created, replacing it w/ the “ME GENERATION”…an attitude of “I am going to screw you over before you get a chance to screw me”..that truly is the general attitude on the streets in the world we live in..but, NEVER have I experienced anthing like what I have dealt with from the lowlife, waste of human skin, lieing, back stabbing, crooked individuals lurking around every corner waiting to pounce on a starving artist who they might possibly be pouncing on for the very last time..either because they have messed w/ the wrong person and the odds caught up w/ them, leading to legal action or maybe “illegal action”..where guns and such might be involved, or they have messed w/ a guy who has been pushed to the limit and taken advantage of so many, many times that he has reached his breaking point and is ready to call it quits… giving up his lifelong dream, which In my case, I am addicted to this dream, so my only way out would be to call it quits permanently….leaving this world that is in such a mess, behind…I cannot even begin to explain what goes on behind the scenes in this industry. Trust me, it is sickening, disgusting and beyond anyones belief who has never had to deal with it.  I, like all of you, have heard my entire life that the music business is a rough and ruthless industry..bahahaha..that was a very nice way of saying bend over and grab your ankles and if you do not and you don’t keep your mouth shut, …….well, you know where I am heading w/ this….So rather than continueing on w/ what will only come back to bite me in the ass, I will pull myself back up, continue to stand on the principals of peace, love and understanding (as I sit w/ my double barrel shotgun at my side) and rather than fight them one on one, I will fight them through my lyrics my actions and hopefully reach that plateau I am trying to reach in order to use it as a platform to help change this screwed up place that we all have forcefully been brought into by our loving parents..lol..I know for sure that if either of my folks had have had any earthly idea that I would ever come to the point of dealing w/ such individuals in my lifetime, they would have steered me in a totally different direction.  Music was once a thing of joy for me…no longer is it that!..it is merely a tool now that i am obsessed w/ and require in order to finish doing what I was put here to do. Hopefully the joy and love for my craft will return again before I go to my grave. The ONLY time I am truly happy is as I sit at my piano, doing what I do. That leaves me w/ anywhere from 18 to 24                                                                    hours of being unhappy every single day. ~  GJM                                              Image

Gary Joe Mitchell? Focused To Succeed?

         GARY JOE MITCHELL? Is there a way possible that some psycho like me could actually be focused enough to succeed in today’s music industry w/ so much competition, at such a late stage in my life? Many will say “No way” …I have doubts at times, myself.. But w/o doubt, what would drive me to become successful? And w/o questioning myself, I would have to be an egotistical, self centered individual, thinking I am better than the family of artists that surrounds me, that I associate with on a daily basis…not to mention my friends and family that I deal w/ in everyday life. Without them, I have nothing. Nothing to write about, no one to encourage and believe in me or to love and be understanding of my , at times, suicidal, out of control behavior that I do not necessarily apologize for, but rather that I have to cope w/ on a daily basis every day of my life. Some people think I need help. No, that is not the answer at this point in my life. There is no doctor or counselor who could “fix me” by the time my life comes to an end. What I need, is what I already have. A “FAMILY” of caring, loving, understanding, giving, & supportive individuals who BELIEVE IN ME. And who support my causes that I intend to promote using the tools that come along w/ success as I  take yet one more step towards my lifelong dream as I reach for that final destination that I now can see clearly in sight. Besides, w/o my imperfections, what would I be?. Not the artist that I would want to see or to be. What I create, I feel deeply & emotionally inside of me. Being no different than most any other human being that exists, I know that what I have dealt w/ on a daily basis for the most part of my adult life is not isolated and my passion for love and respect for all individuals, as brothers and sisters, and the SHARING of EVERYTHING w/ EVERYONE around us, REGARDLESS OF RACE, COLOR, RELIGION, or SEXUAL ORIENTATION, drives me more now than ever to stay focused, stand firm in my beliefs, be prepared for opposition, never faltering, willing to FIGHT FOR ALL THAT IS GOOD & RIGHT. Yes. Gary Joe Mitchell is fully capable of remaining focused in order to fulfill his dream. I write this on the eve before embarking on my 2nd album tomorrow, February 8th 2014 in Dallas, Texas @ Dang! Studios. I write it because I, for the very 1st time in my life, am truly focused on what lies at hand tomorrow, knowing that tomorrow leads to what lies ahead for me as an artist in the future, as I continue to produce music and promote what is fair and right for all mankind on this, our planet ” EARTH”. gjm                                                                                                                                                                                                                          CIGgary 


An interview w/ Gary Joe Mitchell by Independent Artist Magazine

An interview w/ Gary Joe Mitchell by Independent Artist Magazine

An interview in the April/May issue of “Independent Artist Magazine” w/ Will Tommy Jones‘ lead singer, Gary Joe Mitchell.